Wild, Peter. "Unwanted Pregnancies." Uncollected.

"Lazarus." Uncollected.

"Columbus." Uncollected (not the poem from "Columbus" from The Brides of Christ).

"Why Popes Don't Write Books." Uncollected.

"The Polish Baker." The Brides of Christ. Vienna, Austria: Mosaic Publications, 1991.

"Thomas Jefferson." Uncollected.

"Aldo Leopold." Uncollected (not the poem from "Aldo Leopold" from Wilderness).

"Fanny Appleton." Uncollected.

"Rubens." Uncollected.

"Hoover Dam." The Brides of Christ. Vienna, Austria: Mosaic Publications, 1991.

"The Book of Proverbs." The Brides of Christ. Vienna, Austria: Mosaic Publications, 1991.

"Sunlight in a Violin Case." The Brides of Christ. Vienna, Austria: Mosaic Publications, 1991.

"Your Teeth: An Owner's Guide." Uncollected.

"Local Historical Societies." Uncollected.

"Daniel." Easy Victory. Tucson: SUN/gemini Press, 1994.

"Sign of Spring." Published version bears the title "Crocuses." The Brides of Christ. Vienna, Austria: Mosaic Publications, 1991. 

"Smokejumper's Pants." The Brides of Christ. Vienna, Austria: Mosaic Publications, 1991.


Peter Wild reads poems primarily from Terms & Renewals (1970). He also reads from other recent collections, including The Afternoon in Dismay (1968), Mica Mountain Poems (1968), Love Poems (1969), and Fat Man Poems (1970).


In this performance, Jimmy Santiago Baca reads from Black Mesa Poems, a collection published the year after this reading took place. He also performs poems from Martín & Meditations on the South Valley, a book that was awarded the Before Columbus American Book Award and earned Jimmy Santiago Baca an NEA grant for the year of this reading.


Ofelia Zepeda reads from Where Clouds Are Formed (2008). This reading was originally given with Christopher Burawa.


In his first visit to Tucson, Franz Wright reads prose pieces, most of which were unpublished at the time of his reading, as well as several lineated poems. He comments generously on his writing process and friendships with other poets.


Ray Gonzalez reads from Consideration of the Guitar (2005). Reading truncated due to a damaged original recording.


Linda Gregg reads primarily from Too Bright to See (1981). This reading was originally given with Alan Feldman and Faye Kicknosway


Australian poets Vincent Buckley, Les Murray, and David Malouf visit Tucson to read their work, also providing background and commentary. Les Murray reads a selection of poems in chronological order, including his oldest poem "The Burning Crook." Vincent Buckley reads from Golden Builders (1976), Late Winter Child (1979), and The Pattern (1979), as well as some unpublished poems. David Malouf reads both poetry and passages from his novel An Imaginary Life (1978).


Longtime University of Arizona faculty member Peter Wild reads poems from The Brides of Christ (1991), together with poems that would remain uncollected or appear in his final poetry collection, Easy Victory (1994). Throughout, he reads poems about individuals from American history, European art history, and the Bible.


Essayist and poet Erik Reece reads poems from A Short History of the Present (2009) and essays from An American Gospel: On Family, History, and the Kingdom of God (2009) as well as Utopia Drive: A Road Trip Through America's Most Radical Idea (2016).


Wendy Burk discusses and reads from her translation of Tedi López Mills' Against the Current (2016) and her own first collection of poems, Tree Talks: Southern Arizona (2016). This reading was originally given with Renee Angle.

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