Lila Zemborain and Rosa Alcalá present their work as part of the Poetry Center's Fall 2009 sequence of themed readings, "Oh Earth, Wait for Me: Conversations about Art and Ecology." In the first half of the reading, Zemborain reads poems in Spanish and Alcalá reads their translations in English. Next, Alcalá reads her own poems. The performance closes with a poem read simultaneously in English and Spanish.

Gustaf Sobin reads from Voyaging Portraits (1988) and Breaths' Burials (1995), the latter of which was published the year before this reading.

Gretel Ehrlich discusses the process of collaboration on a series of poems composed for a ballet. She reads poems from this series, including "Resolute Passage"; she also reads excerpts from "The Fasting Heart," an essay collected in Islands, The Universe, Home (1991).

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