science fiction


Marcum, Carl. A Camera Obscura. Pasadena: Red Hen Press, 2021.


D.M. Thomas reads from Two Voices (1968) and Logan Stone (1971). This reading was originally given alongside Peter Redgrove and includes two tracks of collaborative reading with Redgrove.


Charles Yu reads "Origin Story," a draft of a chapter from his novel Interior Chinatown (2020). This reading was originally given with Kristen Radtke.


Carl Marcum reads poems from his second collection, A Camera Obscura (2021), primarily focused on the night sky and space exploration. He also reads two poems from his first collection, Cue Lazarus (2001), in addition to two poems from a manuscript in progress. This reading was originally given alongside Laurie Ann Guerrero as part of the Tom Sanders Memorial Reading Series.

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