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Heather McHugh: A Lecture

Heather McHugh: A Lecture

McHugh, Heather
Title: Heather McHugh: A Lecture
Reading Date: Friday, April 24, 2009

Welcome and Introduction-12865


by Annie Guthrie

On the relationship between spatial design and the endings of lineated poems-12866

On equipoise; on withholding and revelation in lineated poetry-12867

On expectation, surprise, and refusal as poetic devices-12868

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Reading Date: Friday, April 24, 2009
Series: Spring Reading Series
Sponsor(s): UA Poetry Center
Location(s): UA Poetry Center

In this lecture, Heather McHugh discusses the design and impact of the ends of poems, including close readings of powerful last lines including examples from the work of Emo Philips, Abd-ar-Rahman III, Su Tung-po, Anthony Hecht, D.H. Lawrence, Paul Valéry, Alan Dugan, Julio Cortázar, Louis Simpson, Samuel Beckett, and John Frederick Nims.