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Tedi López Mills

Tedi López Mills

Burk, Wendy • López Mills, Tedi
Title: Tedi López Mills
Reading Date: Saturday, March 13, 2010



by Lisa Bowden



López Mills, Tedi. While Light Is Built. Trans. Wendy Burk. Tucson: Kore Press, 2004.



López Mills, Tedi. Segunda persona. Mexico City: Margen de Poesia-UAM, 1994. Unpublished English translation by Wendy Burk.

"Yo junté leña con los otros/I Gathered Wood With the Others"-4731


López Mills, Tedi. Glosas. Mexico City: Taller Martin Pescador, 1997. Unpublished English translation by Wendy Burk.

"Adivinanza/A Riddle"-4732


López Mills, Tedi. Horas. Mexico City: Trilce Ediciones, 2000. Unpublished English translation by Wendy Burk.

"Noche (cínica)/Night (Cynical)"-4733


López Mills, Tedi. Un jardín, cinco noches (y otros poemas). Mexico City: Taller Ditoria, 2005. English translation: Burk, Wendy. "Night (Cynical)." A Journal of the Built and Natural Environments Fall/Winter 2009. Web.



López Mills, Tedi. Contracorriente. Mexico City: Ediciones Era-CONACULTA, 2006. English translation: Burk, Wendy. "Y." The Drunken Boat 9.1-11. Web.

"Por la ruta de Creeley/On Creeley's Path"-4735


López Mills, Tedi. Parafrasear. Mexico City: Bonobos Editores, 2008. English translation: Burk, Wendy. "On Creeley's Path." Literal: Latin American Voices February 2008: 17.

Question and Answer Session-4736

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Reading Date: Saturday, March 13, 2010
Series: Tucson Festival of Books
Sponsor(s): Tucson Festival of Books, UA Poetry Center

Mexican poet Tedi López Mills reads from her work in Spanish at the 2010 Tucson Festival of Books, accompanied by her translator, Wendy Burk, who reads the poems in English. The reading includes work from an unpublished bilingual manuscript of López Mills's selected poems.