Donnelly, Timothy. Chariot. Seattle: Wave Books, 2023.

Steve Orlen reads poems appearing in The Bridge of Sighs (1992) as well as passages from the draft of a novel entitled Homesick For the Land of Pictures.

Joshua Marie Wilkinson calls for a re-thinking of accessibility in poetry.


Lynn Luria-Sukenick reads two works of fiction ("The Man With The Blues Guitar" and "Still Life With Bath"), along with a short performance piece called "Bomb." "Bomb" is a collaboration with poet and musician Rob Brezsny, whose part is performed here by Jonathan Penner.


Timothy Donnelly reads primarily from his fourth collection, Chariot (2023), choosing poems that look to both history and daily life as they consider the human experience of time and perception. He also reads from his third collection, The Problem of the Many (2019), and shares one new, unpublished poem.

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