Miller, Jane. Working Time: Essays on Poetry, Culture, and Travel. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1992.


Tenney Nathanson reads poems that would later appear in his collection Erased Art Erased Art(2005).


In this matinee performance at Tucson High School, Eduardo C. Corral reads from Slow Lightning (2012), provides commentary, and participates in a question and answer session with Natalie Diaz.

Tim O'Brien reads a chapter from his novel The Nuclear Age, which would be published three years after this reading.

Leonard Michaels reads from short stories written throughout his career, and concludes the reading with an excerpt from his novel The Men's Club (1981). His uncompromising realist sketches catch characters at their darkest and most vulnerable moments, and are colored with absurdist humor. Stories include those published in his collections Going Places (1969) and I Would Have Saved Them If I Could (1975). 

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